McCann Health Global Scientific Council COVID-19 Briefs

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented urgency to apply rigorous evidence and science to halt the spread and impact of the most significant new pathogen affecting humanity in over 100 years.  At the same time, nearly 24-hour access to news and social media means that hundreds of millions of people are presented with rumors, half-truths, and misrepresentations of scientific data in order to satisfy our passion of finding answers.  At no time has it been more important to apply evidence and science to our personal behaviors, communities engagement, and societal decision making.

For us at McCann Health, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have tried to provide frequent access to evolving scientific information. To help address what we know across a wide range of important topics, the McCann Health Global Scientific Council has put together a brief set of articles to help make sense of the pandemic and to help you better understand more about the disease, what has been done to combat it, and what the future holds.  This is the best information we have at the moment which, given the trajectory of the virus over the past few months, will likely change. We will update these briefs with “booster shots” of information as needed.

– Dan Carucci, MD, MSc, PhD, Global Medical Director, McCann Health

  1. What Causes COVID-19? (Karen King, CMC Affinity)
  2. All Models are Wrong But Some Are Useful: Pandemic Modeling (Gary Burd, Caudex and Richard Ashdown, McCann Health Medical Communications)
  3. The Who, What, How and Why of Virus Detection (Jon Lee, McCann Health Singapore)
  4. A Consistent Thread in An Ever Evolving Pandemic: Clinical Updates (Lisa Dietrich, McCann Health New Jersey)
  5. The Race to Find Drugs to Fight COVID-19 (Vijay Sarma, McCann Health Toronto)
  6. Developing A Coronavirus Vaccine : The Most Urgent Shared Endeavor of Our Lifetimes (Part 1) (Alison Humphries, CMC Connect)
  7. Developing A Coronavirus Vaccine : The Most Urgent Shared Endeavor of Our Lifetimes (Part 2) (Alison Humphries, CMC Connect)
  8. What We Know About COVID-19 Antibody Tests (So Far…) (John Wiltshire, McCann Health London)


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