The Truth About Doctors: COVID-19 Edition An intimate look at doctors as they navigate the pandemic

The Truth About Doctors: COVID-19 Edition: An intimate look at doctors as they navigate the pandemic

In 2016, through our Global Truth about Doctors study, we learned that doctorness was under threat. What we uncovered in 2016 was much deeper than we anticipated. It helped paint a picture of the full person behind the white coat—their hopes, fears, dreams, frustrations and relationships to patients and brands.

Given the multi-dimensional nature of the COVID-19 crisis, we conducted a second wave (COVID-19 Edition), across U.S., U.K., China, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Philippines, and Japan to understand the seismic shifts in attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, accelerated by this crisis.

At McCann Health, we believe empathy is the medicine the world needs right now. We rely on empathy to uncover meaning, and to earn trust, it’s central to everything we do as a partner to our clients. We applied that thinking to uncover how doctors feel, their lens, their human truths as they navigate the pandemic. We have complemented the McCann Worldgroup Truth Central Intelligence data with insights gleaned from our McCann Health Empathy Engine, our natural language processing tool, using inputs from physicians all around the world.

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About the 2016 study

Amidst the massive technological and social changes upending the societal status quo, the culture of doctors around the globe is also in flux according to The Truth About Doctors, a new global research study conducted by McCann Health, in partnership with McCann Truth Central.

This landmark study which surveyed nearly 2,000 doctors in 16 markets, found that the practice of medicine is not everything doctors thought it would be. There is a massive gap between expectations and reality for doctors around the globe that is impacting their ability to do their job, as well as their enthusiasm for it.

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