Global Chief Finance Officer
Our philosophy of connectivity transcends all we do.
Finance is no different. In working closely together, client
and agency teams, irrespective of discipline or geography,
we seek solutions for our clients. Solutions that go beyond
numbers, through an understanding of the business, we
help our clients identify and achieve business change
President of the McCann Global Health business

As we look to lead in the global health / public health space,
our global footprint, connectivity and close collaboration will
allow McCann Global Health to create positive change in places
where it is so desperately needed.
Global Chief Executive Officer
This change in name reflects our growing diversity in the
world of health. Where at the beginning our focus was the
business of healthcare, today we are leaders in health
and wellness. At our inception we had centers of excel-
lence in limited but key markets, now we have a multitude
of experts in every major market around the world.
Chief Executive of the McCann Complete Medical business
Making connections from insight, to evidence, to action –
across the mix, across regions, online-offline, from
research to real-world utility – this is how we make a
meaningful difference for our clients and their customers.
Global Chief Creative Director
A world of information, informed people, leaders,
knowledge makers, influencers and creativity is made
even more powerful when you can connect them all.
With that single action,the potential for doing incredible
things and achieving innovative solutions is made a
reality every day with our clients and their business.
President of the Americas
Across the Americas current, new and never thought
of before stakeholders are playing an important
and unprecedented role in the way decisions
are made around individual, community and national
health. The McCann Health Brand Platform helps us
drive these conversations forward by making
the right, meaningful connections.
EVP of Asia Pacific & Global Marketing Director
McCann Health has been invested in health and wellness
across the APAC region for 20 years and we continue to invest
in strengthening our connections with clinicians, consumers,
payers, pharmacists and stakeholders, and in effectively
mobilising our own network of research and expert teams from
around the world, to improve health outcomes and commercial
outcomes for our clients.
EVP of Europe
We are a group of truly connected experts – with an
unfluctuacting interaction with our clients, helping form
their relations with their stakeholders and boost their
partnership to anticipate future challenges in the world
of Pharma. In Europe, across the region and globally,
this is our mission.

Welcome to McCANN HEALTH.

McCann Healthcare Worldwide has changed its name and branding, we are now McCann Health.

This change in name reflects the broadening of our business beyond a pharmaceutical focus to an increased remit to also include health & wellness.

McCann Health is now engaging with Governments and NGOs across the globe in Public Health and leading direct-to-patient and consumer communications for a number of clients.

As McCann Health we have also revised our branding, reinforcing our connection to McCann and the multi-disciplinary expertise we can access through this link.

In connecting with each other around the world, with McCann, our clients, Governments, NGOs and consumers means McCann Health is a connected community of health & wellness experts

If you would like to know more about getting connected and how McCann Health can help your business, click Please Contact Us and talk to John Cahill, our Global Chief Executive.

If you are interested in coming to work with us at McCann Health, please click here.
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